susanne berkenheger

the mouse-driven reader

the bubble bath blurb

by clicking your way through a hypertext, you have the freedom of choice Ė many readers tend to believe. for those free spirits, the bubble bath has been built as an educational training camp. the bubble bath staff knows only one goal: to make the readers learn to love the fact that itís not them who drive the text. itís the text thatís driving them. like the shaky owner of a big fat dog is being dragged from corner to corner, the reader is being pulled through the story by means of cheap tricks, false cursors, empty promises, invisible windows and bad-mannered javascript codes that keep producing almost uncontrollable events. netscape does not permit codes like these, nor does opera, nor do apple systems. the big fat dog can only run wild on microsoft explorers on microsoft systems, pulling their master around. and only if the dogís master has got his wits left, he will soon realize he has no chance except one: to empathize with the dogís soul, to anticipate its decisions and to finally consider them his own. Then, all of a sudden, the dogís master experiences the freedom of the internet again Ė the boundless, associative, wonderfully unconscious strolling around which surprisingly often ends on an x-rated page.