a few works by german
susanne berkenheger

grown up since 1963 at stuttgart, germany. later on student of literature, then author, journalist (süddeutsche zeitung, frankfurter allgemeine zeitung), satirist (spiegel.de/spam), player of chat theatre, sympathizer of account corpses, digital territory nurse. via nuremberg, rome and munich come to berlin.

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[ p a p e r ]

                                                                                                   my call into the desert   
-++-wargla   (1997–2001)

      l i t e r a r y  h o m e p a g e  in german
      – since 2001: archaeological zone with bus services to the present
                                                                             accountants like warm feet, too   
-++-glossendienst   (since 2005)

      j o u r n a l i s t i c  a g e n c y
      – topical news glosses for print, web and radio


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