Warning: Obama is just trying to keep you away from 24 explosive photos!
Go away! Have a coffee! When you come back Obama has given up.
Life happens: McCain is trying to hold back another 24 alarming photos!
All you can do: Bring your worst enemy a coffee too!
Berlin Ambush Votings
by Susanne Berkenheger


Who the heck are Andy and Hidenori?

Andy is the New York artist Andy Deck. Hidenori is Hidenori Watanave, an Associate Professor in Tokyo. As three complete strangers, the New York gallery Location One asked us to develop a collaborative art project from afar. Topic: The 2008 US Presidential Election. We discussed it in the gallery's virtual residency blog.

Did Andy und Hidenori really say whatís written on the notices?

Well, nearly. Of course, they expressed themselves more differentiated. But these thoughts didnít fit on the paper.

Who tore off the strips?

People in Berlin Mitte, the so-called creative center of Germany.


All of the notices were hanging in July and August 2008.

press releases
Berlin Ambush Votings Press Release (pdf)
Virtual Residency Press Release (pdf)

The Berlin Ambush Votings wish to thank their two collaborators Andy Deck and Hidenori Watanave as well as Location One.

Location One, New York, September 10 - November 8, 2008
Digital Fringe, Melbourne, September 24 - October 12, 2008

digimag (italian) pdf
artecapital (portuguese) pdf